Assisted Reach was born in 2017, but its story begins a few years earlier...

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It was Christmas time and Cody, the founder of Assisted Reach, was working as a data analyst. On nights and weekends, he and two friends started a Christmas light installation company. They set themselves apart in the industry by creating an algorithm that calculated the costs to install Christmas lights on a house using inputs like square footage, the angle of the roof, and more. 

Trying to figure out how to drive traffic to their website, Cody began studying marketing. He became absolutely fascinated with SEO and its potential to drive “free” traffic to a website and what that meant for a business’s bottom line. The more he learned, the more surprised he was at how most practitioners approached SEO.

Their processes were highly manual and time-consuming, and they weren’t using all the data available to its full potential. 

After Christmas was over, Cody had driven well over 400 leads to the Christmas light installation company website. Their company was covered by various news outlets for their innovative idea, and they were able to donate a portion of their profits to Make A Wish Arizona. Despite making a profit in their first year, they decided to shut down their business due to the seasonal nature of it. However, that experience got Cody hooked onto SEO and marketing. 

With his new passion for SEO and a belief that it could be done in a better, more data-driven way, Cody used his data analyst background to build new data-driven SEO tools and develop more efficient and effective ways of doing SEO. 

A few years later, Cody started Assisted Reach with a mission to help great brands grow by using the data-driven SEO toolkit he developed. Today, Assisted Reach is a BI-focused SEO and content marketing agency that uses its data-first approach to help brands get a higher return on their SEO and content marketing investment.

Our Story

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