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Acquire an in-depth understanding of the link building landscape in your industry and get link building buy-in from your senior leaders.

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If y'all need enterprise-level link analysis, Cody West is a pro. Reviewed his reporting on gaps, velocity, theme, link type, anchor text distro and more. Super action-oriented. Never seen anything like it.
Got to geek out with Cody West this afternoon where he showed me one of the most impressive link intelligence reports I’ve ever seen... if you’re not following him yet, you’re doing it wrong.

Be scientific about your
approach to link building.

Your Business Intelligence Partner For Link Building

Link building is a black box.

As SEOs and marketers, we know we need backlinks in order to improve our keyword ranking, drive organic traffic to our website, and increase incremental revenue to our brand

The Bigger Questions Are:

How many backlinks do we need to outrank our competitors?

What types of links do we need to be building?

How strong and relevant do these links need to be?

What should our anchor text distribution be?

Can we beat our competition with our current budget for links?

How many backlinks do our competitors build each month?

What pages should we be building links to?

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Instead of going into link building blind, we answer these questions for you using data.

We have more data available to us than ever before. The difficulty is wrangling this data to provide actionable insights and improve decision making. That’s where we come in. Our backlink intelligence report is a proprietary tool we built to help brands approach link building from a data-first perspective.

If you’re struggling to get buy-in for link building or want an in-depth understanding of the link building landscape in your industry, our backlink intelligence report is for you.

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