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Phase 1

Audit, Analyze, and Develop

When we begin working with your brand, we want to learn as much as possible about your goals, positioning in your industry, and previous marketing efforts. Next, using our proprietary toolset, we glean actionable insights about your website and industry. During this phase, we highlight low-hanging fruit as well as develop a long-term organic search strategy unique to your brand.

Phase 2

High-Impact Opportunities

After completing our initial audits and analyses, we review the low-hanging fruit with you first. These opportunities are high-impact, low time commitment changes that will produce the most immediate results. We work with you and your development team to get these changes implemented right away, so you can see a return on your investment immediately.

Phase 3

Long-Term Strategy

Some high-impact strategies take more time to accomplish. SEO can be an incredible investment, but it’s also a long-term one. We develop and execute this longer-term strategy to provide results that stand the test of time.

Phase 4

Measure Results & Repeat

Not only does proper measurement allow you to see the value of your SEO investment, but it allows us to know what’s working and what isn’t. Using analytics and tracking, we double-down on what works, learn from what doesn’t, and continually refine our partnership with you to get you the best results possible.


“Assisted Reach and Cody are truly organic search acquisition experts. They did some technical SEO consulting work for us and we couldn’t have been happier. Cody made complex topics digestible and was very professional, knowledgeable, and responsive.”


Ho Yin Cheung

Founder of Riotly & Remo

“Assisted Reach combines expert organic search acquisition knowledge with an incredibly impressive analytics and business intelligence skillset. Cody found an opportunity on a section of our website which ended up increasing our organic leads by 400%”


Jason Nguyen

Senior Performance Marketer @ DriveTime

“It’s extraordinarily difficult to find someone who is a true expert in search engine optimization and analytics like Cody is, and even more challenging to find someone who is so deeply specialized in one area of marketing, but also wants to be a true expert in others.”


Chris Piper

Head of Marketing @ Scribe Media

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